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Svetlana Cvetko


Svetlana Cvetko is an award winning cinematographer and filmmaker. Inside Job lensed by Svetlana won an Academy Award for Best Documentary. Her film No War, played in over 15 festivals around the world, and won the Grand Prix du Public in Films de Femmes in France.


Svetlana Cvetko is a cinematographer who has been described as a

"willowy live wire" in Variety, Paris.


She has a joyous approach to her craft and has been climbing her way up with each commercial and film she has shot over the last few years.


In her prior work as a photographer, she connected subjects to her camera, training her eye to create an intimate connection with beauty that still floats its way into her cinematography.


As a cinematographer, she has had 2 short films in Sundance: 

Birju in 2002 which went on to get a Student Academy Award Nomination and a Special Mention in Berlinale; and Raw in 2005, which also played in the AFI Film Festival.


Svetlana Cvetko has also directed three short films. Her first short No War won the Grand Prix du Public in Films de Femmes in Creteil, France. She Kept Silent and Daily Specials played in many festivals around the world.


Career Highlights:


Inside Job

Academy Award



Premiered Cinequest

Academy Award Qualified Film


No War

Short Film

15 festivals, including Sundance



Short Film

premiered in Sundance

student Oscar nomination


Your Guardian

Feature Film (2nd Unit)

Cinequest Opening Night film


Conflama "Go"

Music Video

Black Hall of Fame award winner


She Kept Silent

Roxie Cinema